The Genesis

As everyone is creating blog I thought why not me .I am not bad either I have even given a name for a summer workshop organised by a very reputed school in My Place(“Kochi”) I will give you a clue it is the only school to get a ISA by British Coucil in the Gods own Country may be thats your or was your school and its starts with ‘R’ and ends with ‘I’ .The idea of blog came into my mind as my cousin has a beautiful blog his name is Sebin. and I will mention his blog address after getting his copyright My post  and other stuffs you see here are my own creations except some which I had already mentioned and will mention for the new posts.

N.BSome of you might thing whats all about the address(entemind) I was going for mymind as the address was not available I took the word “ente” from my mother tounge മലയാളം whcih means “my”.

Disclaimer: -The things that I post is purely of my perception it may be right or wrong you can agree or disagree .But I hope you have a comment on those.

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