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Dear orkuter’s……

May 10, 2008

This post is for you ,to my frndz and strangers as you may have come accross my profile( or my gmail account ,this is it, this blog may be a scrap but has now become one of my favorite pastime………You can also visit my pages and have a look. I know that you will definitely wanna comment on it.You may also suggest anything so that I can make changes according to your view provided I find that’s good for my blog.

c ya……..

rittu jacob.

New Record Set…………

May 9, 2008

Do you guys n gals read books .I dont konow about you but I do .I decided to give it a kickstart when I was doing my 12th.I have read many books of which Papillon is my favourite and ofcourse Harry Potter series I would consider DeathlyHallows to be the best by J.K Rowling .About ebooks it gets me headaches but I did manage to read three in a month and thats a RECORD for me .

N.B: According to experts reading books will make the reader rich in vocabulary which will help him to do good in MBA entrance like CAT,MAT ,Snap etc. well this is one of my reason behind reading books.

Lightning Fast!

May 8, 2008

This is really crazy, living in Kochi ,you never know time just runs out so quickly that you never get time to think about boredom this is for me exclusively I don’t know about you but its certainly for me I lived in Ahmedabad for the same years as in Kochi but I feel the 8 years went just like winking of an eye.

C ya

You may know that Kochi is also known as the Queen Of Arabian Sea .
I have quotted some notes from wikipedia it says ..

Kochi : കൊച്ചി IPA: [koˈʧːi]), formerly known as Cochin, is a city in the Indian State of Kerala .The city is one of the principal seaports of the country and is located in the district of Ernakulam, about 220 kilometres (137 mi) north of the state capital,Thiruvanthapuram. My Place has an estimated population of 600,000, with an extended metropoliatian population of about 1.5 million, making it the largest urban agglomeration and the second largest city in Kerala after the capital.

To know more visit ..

Kochi is know becoming one of main city for real estate .In under 5 years you will witness the finnest hotels and shopping malls in My Place. Even Sahara group has now launched its new project Sahara grace( My Place.

To see more about My State you can visit the other page named “About my State” “( You may find it under the search option.

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