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Dhoni’s Comment

June 30, 2008

It is always good that the Captain of Indian Cricket team has made a point regarding the fixation of matches. Two games in two days is always asking too much from a team not only India but also the other teams playing in  Asia Cup.

BCCI’s reply to this comment has come at the wrong time when India is playing one of their best tournaments. One of the officials has  directly asked players to leave the side if they cannot follow the tight schedule. The matches are as if fixed according to the likes of sponsers mainly media .

ICC should come forward and have restrictions to the number of one day games played between countries or tomorrow we may not see legendary players like Bradman’s & Sachin’s. 

Why MTN Matters

June 24, 2008

If you really wanna Know what’s the BIG Issue with Ambani brothers . You will have to invest Rs 10 and buy the special issue of June 30,2008 Business World . The Special report by Rajeev Dubey and M.Rajendran is worth reading . I really enjoyed the words of Inspiration ,their father’s belief in Henry Kissinger’s view

                             “There are no permanent friends or enemies,only permanent interest 

Once you recognise that ,everybody would be better off, Dhirubhai used to say. 



June 23, 2008

Last week I went to see this movie. I had many reviews from my friends. Almost everyone who said negative where complaining that they didn’t understand it. So I planned to take my friend who knows tamil.

The show began. What I felt is that the first ten minutes is the worth your money. It’s awesome almost competing with hollywood visual effects. No wonder the producer spent 3 crores for the the first few minutes.

The language used in the whole film is pure Tamil. If you don’t understand pure Tamil. It’s a good choice to take someone who knows it. The producers should have spent some money on the English sub titles. It would have earned them more from Kerala. 

Metro Rail & Vallarpadom Project

June 21, 2008

                                  There is been a talk for these project in Kochi for the past few years.

In case of Vallarpadom Project the government just have to take few steps  the one is Land acquisition and the other is giving land to those who where forced to leave their house in the name of Development .If the government cannot do such things why should they criticize the Union Government who have by far played a huge role over the project .It not only delays the most awaited project but also makes  fear in the minds of investors.    

Now the government is also playing the waiting game over Metro railway which will increase the cost drastically as the inflation has touched two digits one of the things Union Government have failed. I think the government should plan alternative ways for the traffic problems in Kochi.

Most of the people in Kochi are supporting Metro Railway including me but all of us are for seeing the completed Metro railway in  Kochi we are not bothered about the problems that we will face during the construction of Metro Railway . Our Roads do not have width to allow two way traffic during the construction,  atleast from Edapally. There will be huge traffic blocks and diversions affecting not only us but also the shop owners ,the tourism sector may also face problems due to less connectivity.

The only remedy for this is to widen the roads before construction of Metro railway or look for alternatives like Suburban trains which will not only coast less but also benefit many people in and around the city. Elevated roads alone will not be enough their should be Metro or Suburban. Suburban should be the best option as far as I am concerned.  


hey everyone :- Vallarpadom 

 Good news land acquisition has done for the project ,all the bad air behind the project has now been cleared,  works are going on smoothly .Now lets hope for the best and news that the project will be completed with in 2 years.      


June 17, 2008

                I was really happy not to have strike in educational institutions till this date . Unfortunately tomorrow is this year’s inauguration of things to come. I remember it was my first year that had the most number of strikes.

               I am always against strikes . But I do enjoy having a leave but most of the time it creates boredom an unplanned holiday. It also ruins the planned work of many people related to schools and colleges.

               The ones who organize strikes should plan alternative ways of protesting. The best way should be Gandhigiri (the way our Father of Nation did His protests) without disturbing and forcing anyone .


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