I won a Prize!!!!!!!!

The day before yesterday I was listening to Radio Mango 91.9 city lights. The RJ asked a question “In which film did Meera Jasmine won the national award.” options:-

A) Perumazhakalam

B) Padam onnu oru vilapam


I messaged MANGO B to 56776 . And at around 9 pm  I got a call he addressed me that he is calling from Radio Mango he asked my name and asked me to listen radio mango . When the prize winners where announced I heard my name for the first time in my life from a media  the “Radio’ . Today I went to Radio Mango’s office to collect the tickets for the premier show of “The Happening” the prize I won.   Tomorrow I will be watching the film with my friends.  

3 Responses to “I won a Prize!!!!!!!!”

  1. Manu Sebastian Says:


  2. Manu Sebastian Says:


  3. entemind Says:

    Thanks Manu ,you are the first one to congratulate me for the prize ……

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