Metro Rail & Vallarpadom Project

                                  There is been a talk for these project in Kochi for the past few years.

In case of Vallarpadom Project the government just have to take few steps  the one is Land acquisition and the other is giving land to those who where forced to leave their house in the name of Development .If the government cannot do such things why should they criticize the Union Government who have by far played a huge role over the project .It not only delays the most awaited project but also makes  fear in the minds of investors.    

Now the government is also playing the waiting game over Metro railway which will increase the cost drastically as the inflation has touched two digits one of the things Union Government have failed. I think the government should plan alternative ways for the traffic problems in Kochi.

Most of the people in Kochi are supporting Metro Railway including me but all of us are for seeing the completed Metro railway in  Kochi we are not bothered about the problems that we will face during the construction of Metro Railway . Our Roads do not have width to allow two way traffic during the construction,  atleast from Edapally. There will be huge traffic blocks and diversions affecting not only us but also the shop owners ,the tourism sector may also face problems due to less connectivity.

The only remedy for this is to widen the roads before construction of Metro railway or look for alternatives like Suburban trains which will not only coast less but also benefit many people in and around the city. Elevated roads alone will not be enough their should be Metro or Suburban. Suburban should be the best option as far as I am concerned.  


hey everyone :- Vallarpadom 

 Good news land acquisition has done for the project ,all the bad air behind the project has now been cleared,  works are going on smoothly .Now lets hope for the best and news that the project will be completed with in 2 years.      

2 Responses to “Metro Rail & Vallarpadom Project”

  1. Nithin Says:

    Whats the difference between Suburban and Metro? As fas as I know, the train and stations looks different.The coaches will be A/C and some modern facilities like anouncements of next stations, wider doors, display of stations, etc.The Platforms may looks like shopping malls, with escalators, automatic Ticket vending machines, smart card etc.
    So virtually Suburban will also face more or less the same problems as Metro is concerned.

  2. entemind Says:

    No, Suburban trains will have more connectivity than Metro Rail and the cost of establishment and travel will be relatively less.

    Traveling in Metro will cost you say for eg:- Aluva to Thripunithara Rs 20- 25
    where as Suburban will only cost you Rs 5 – 7.

    The other problem of Metro is that its only from Aluva to Thripunithara while and as Suburban trains use the same tracks as the ordinary trains you can travel in and around the city and more people will have advantage.

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