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Change in Name

July 28, 2008

My friend advised me to change the name of the blog from just for fun to re 2 jay cub but I was searching a for something else then my mother asked me to give the patented name which I suggested for a program in her school. I hope this would be the best.

That I think was a wrong choice anyway I will be sticking with the new name for quite a while 


July 28, 2008

The following is a text that I saw when I was in studying in Don Bosco School. Vejalpur , Ahmedabad, Gujrat. I think if we can understand the creativity of that student we can eventually fight evil forces including terrorism.










India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend and the great grand mother of tradition. 

Mark Twain.



Two Day’s Two Cities….Today?…Tomorrow?

July 27, 2008

Within 30 hours India witnessed Bomb Blast in two major Cities Banglore and Ahmedabad. Many innocent people died. I saw the mail from tv which the terrorist sent to different media’s just before the blast with the caption.

                                      “Feel the terror of Death.” 

by some Indian Mujahiddin. I was surprised to hear that there was blast in Ahmedabad even after the centre gave warnings to many of these cities after the Banglore blast’s.

Is India’s internal security that bad ? is the question that comes into my mind every now and then. I am also concerned about my city Kochi, she has been growing like anything in the past five years. Tomorrow it is likely to be one of the major cities of the world. The cops in Kerala should now take precautions in the best way. They should be well coordinated with different defence groups. The citizens should also keep an eye on their surroundings if they see any object without owner they should immediately report it to the police. Co-operation is also necessary between the people and the police.

                                    Let there be peace for eternity. 

Beijing in Kochi!!!

July 25, 2008




Yes thats true, I went to Durbar Hall Art Gallery the day before yesterday with Suli to see the photo exhibition of Beijing , it was awesome , we were greeted with a Forward from the government of China. I liked the way they concluded the message 

                                   One world. One dream

The photo’s showed all olympics venues . The bird’s nest is one of the best also the egg shaped auditorium.     It also showed their working on improving the environment, roads. They should be rolling out billions to make the olympics the best of all times . They have opened separate road lines for olympic vehicles. The olympic village was really cool. One should really see those pictures. I am sure the facilities those visiting China will be the best.

For want of a vote…..

July 19, 2008

We say often say India is great but today due to political drama  we are doomed . Congress is willing to pay crores for a vote . Cabinet Minister post for a person who is just got his head out from a criminal case . BJP willing to give him the post of Chief Minister. I have to say this is absolute “B-lls-it”.

India the largest democratic country is now ruled and going to be ruled by those who do not have any interest for the citizen’s cause. The inflation rate has touched 11.91 but who cares . Congress wants Nuclear Deal , BJP  wants to bring the government down , others need a third front to rule us.

                                                                                                           God put an end to this sarcasm.

Jai Hind 

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