Two Day’s Two Cities….Today?…Tomorrow?

Within 30 hours India witnessed Bomb Blast in two major Cities Banglore and Ahmedabad. Many innocent people died. I saw the mail from tv which the terrorist sent to different media’s just before the blast with the caption.

                                      “Feel the terror of Death.” 

by some Indian Mujahiddin. I was surprised to hear that there was blast in Ahmedabad even after the centre gave warnings to many of these cities after the Banglore blast’s.

Is India’s internal security that bad ? is the question that comes into my mind every now and then. I am also concerned about my city Kochi, she has been growing like anything in the past five years. Tomorrow it is likely to be one of the major cities of the world. The cops in Kerala should now take precautions in the best way. They should be well coordinated with different defence groups. The citizens should also keep an eye on their surroundings if they see any object without owner they should immediately report it to the police. Co-operation is also necessary between the people and the police.

                                    Let there be peace for eternity. 

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