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RAIN RAIN in Kochi

August 14, 2008


There was wide speculation regarding weather forecast for Kochi. It will rain today, rain tomorrow but only until last week I could witness the intensity of rain .I could not sit in my room till last week without putting on my fan. Today it is the best climate you can get in Kochi. Good n Heavy Rains splashing all over.It has also added to traffic block but since the last two days I am in my sweet little home because of bus strike I am enjoying the rain n the climate 

Thank you Abhinav

August 11, 2008


I heard the news when my teacher was taking class. Vibin (Suli) received the sms from his mother that India won gold. The next question that I asked was who won it. He said it was Abhinav .I could not write what the teacher was saying at that moment I was over joyed as Indian may feel. We spread the news like fire in the class.Hari asked is the news Correct I said yes. The next moment I messaged the news to Manu n Anumod .

Went to notice board to see if any news was there to my disapointment it wasn’t there.The next interval I saw a print of the great man’s picture bowing to have the gold medal. I realized that it would have been after a long time India’s National Anthem be sung.

I reached home.Every News channel had his name written .India vision news channel was showing his blog.As my computer had crashed I went to an Internet Cafe ,the first thing I did was to post a comment in his blog.It could not have been at this time when India is going to celebrate its Independence Day. Bharat Mata ki Jai…….

Khel Ratna for Dhoni

August 4, 2008

              I thought it was a good decision to give Dhoni the prestigious award as he deserves it. I think he has got the award not only for his individual contribution for the game but also for his Leadership qualities. I always liked his post match comments he goes straight into the reasons for the win and the losses unlike other captains who I think give lame excuses for the defeat.

            More than the win in Australia(which i think was because of the great Sachin Tendulkar) I consider the t20 win as one of his greats. His advice to the young team to enjoy the match and the cool and aggressive atmosphere he created was exceptional.

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