Thank you Abhinav


I heard the news when my teacher was taking class. Vibin (Suli) received the sms from his mother that India won gold. The next question that I asked was who won it. He said it was Abhinav .I could not write what the teacher was saying at that moment I was over joyed as Indian may feel. We spread the news like fire in the class.Hari asked is the news Correct I said yes. The next moment I messaged the news to Manu n Anumod .

Went to notice board to see if any news was there to my disapointment it wasn’t there.The next interval I saw a print of the great man’s picture bowing to have the gold medal. I realized that it would have been after a long time India’s National Anthem be sung.

I reached home.Every News channel had his name written .India vision news channel was showing his blog.As my computer had crashed I went to an Internet Cafe ,the first thing I did was to post a comment in his blog.It could not have been at this time when India is going to celebrate its Independence Day. Bharat Mata ki Jai…….

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