Onam Celebrations

Yes we had our Onam celebration in our college today. Every final year students had the opportunity to organize for Onasadya(a feast usually in this festival) . I am bit sad because our department didn’t grab the once in a life time opportunity to sit n have food together well I hope this happens in the farewell. But we did have Payisam  which was okay as it was too sugary(pallada) ordered from the famous Vinayaka caterers based in Kadavanthara Kochi. Almost everyone had their stomach full at least boys I reckon.

Today our college had the common celebration too  including flower carpet in the morning followed by pulli kalli , vadam valli for both boys n girls n some interesting games too which unfortunately I didn’t see.     

2 Responses to “Onam Celebrations”

  1. Rinu Says:

    Heard tht ur coll stands first for almost all celebrations…. Every year it hosts many cultural events ..rite??? Then its nt at all surprising tht ur ONAM celes was too good….. Most probably u guys have enjoyed ur position as super seniors……

  2. entemind Says:

    yes we did enjoy

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