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Terrorist your Appointment with GOD is Fixed

November 28, 2008

                        I am very angry and sad with the happenings in Mumbai. There should be an end for this. Its time for us to be United and fight against terrorism.  The signs are already begining to come. I recieved two messages yesterday discouraging terrorism.It states

                                 “Forgiving terrorist is left to God”

                           ‘But fixing their appointment with God

                           is our responsibility’

                                                                                  INDIAN ARMY      

 I hope the message spreads like fire with maximum intensity……………. JAI HIND                      


Twenty Twenty

November 17, 2008

               If  you are thinking that I am gonna write about Cricket Match you are Mistaken . Sure its a three hour entertainer but its about the New Malayalam (Mallu) Film produced by Dileep in association with AMMA , an organzation based on Malayalam film Industry. 

               I should congragulate the way the makers of the film gave prime importance to Mamooty, Mohanlal n yes Antony Punnekadan ( Suresh Gopi) , my definite favourite. The movie is an action packed thriller with class humour and yes n item dance by none other than Nayanthara. Kudos to the script writer n the director. Some might say Mohanlal has a upper hand but after watching the film twice I am quite sure there is nothing like that

               There are also instances where the film directly redicules the government, eg :- U eat n drink pallum mottayum(EGG n Milk only). Jayaram has quite a simple but an important role. Dileep I would say is the chocalate boy. The potential stars of the Malayalam industry all come together in the Dance along with Nayan…….Its worth to watch it in a movie house. At least they did a marvelous job for a noble course.

Chandrayaan….India Conquers Moon

November 14, 2008

India is now the fourth country in the world to have landed on moon with the Image of Indian flag on the Moon Impact Probe. Its a double sweet for the people of Kerala as the 29kg MIP was designed in Thumba near Trivandrum (capital of Kerala). I was watching live till the screen splased “India touches Moon“. I would like to Congragulte ISRO on making the project  sucess till the very end. I think Every Indian at this point of time would be very happy and would like to wish ISRO all the Best for their next missions.

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