Twenty Twenty

               If  you are thinking that I am gonna write about Cricket Match you are Mistaken . Sure its a three hour entertainer but its about the New Malayalam (Mallu) Film produced by Dileep in association with AMMA , an organzation based on Malayalam film Industry. 

               I should congragulate the way the makers of the film gave prime importance to Mamooty, Mohanlal n yes Antony Punnekadan ( Suresh Gopi) , my definite favourite. The movie is an action packed thriller with class humour and yes n item dance by none other than Nayanthara. Kudos to the script writer n the director. Some might say Mohanlal has a upper hand but after watching the film twice I am quite sure there is nothing like that

               There are also instances where the film directly redicules the government, eg :- U eat n drink pallum mottayum(EGG n Milk only). Jayaram has quite a simple but an important role. Dileep I would say is the chocalate boy. The potential stars of the Malayalam industry all come together in the Dance along with Nayan…….Its worth to watch it in a movie house. At least they did a marvelous job for a noble course.

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