Congrats Kochi City Police on ALERT KERALA

      It is one of those initiatives from the part of Police to wash away terrorism from India. I hope the project of Kerala Police,” Alert Keralashould be implemented in all the states in India as well as in the World especially in Pakistan.

     To those who are unaware it is a project where a citizen could call the 24X7 call centre 9656000100 and report about any suspicious activities he might here and see.The main advantage is that he may not disclose his name or address.The project equation is also great Police+ Public =Total Security

   It is always good when corporates take part and sponser like SRK group and Idea .  I am eagerly waiting to take part in a Star Studded Mega Show   Aspirations   an awareness entertainment program to prevent terrorism. 

 My suggestion for the Kochi Police would be make college and youth organization students and members a part of it . I am pretty sure in the successful implementation as they already gained confidence from Janamythri Suraksha( Community Policing).

2 Responses to “Congrats Kochi City Police on ALERT KERALA”

  1. Rajan Pullithody Says:

    Dear Sir,

    It was a wonderful program “Aspiration” and also the valuable awareness & preventive measurement to the terrorism.

    But, unfortunately I take this opportunity to say you about one dance program ” a parady song & dance for Alcohol” felt not good but too cheap program.

    Whoever the mastermind and director of this particular dance & song made very low standard.

    Parady & Mimicry is ok..but these type of below standard programs never to be allowed in this type of good event.

    Rajan / Dubai

  2. entemind Says:

    Unfortunately I didn’t get the pass… Yes I agree that when crowd gathers for a good cause…programs should be filtered. May be they will take actions in the next program as they are conducting it in every district.

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