Nabil’s Day Out at St.Terasa College!!!

     Hmm.. this happened a quite a long time ago, during the MG University Youth Festival. Nabil ,me, Ribin,Sreegnath n Nikil planned to go to see some ‘cultural activities’. First we went to Maharaja’s it was fun there.But the real fun came when we went to St.Tereasa’s College. Nabil is a person who is very confident k . We went into the plenary which was actually vacant. The omen was not good for us . As we were walking to the Gates. Nikil was commenting about Nabil’s walking style as if trying to imitate Mammootty. If you had seen it their you would have laughed. Just a step more  a bird shit on him.You should have seen his expression. He rushed for looking out for water n succeded. Thats was not all over for him. We came out was talking how Ribin would reach home. Nabil saw some foreigners walking beside him. He came to us and said,” Oru suturam kanikame”. Just as he finished he went towards them and said “Hi”. They didn’t even offer him a look. We said, ” Nabil veendum Somanayi”. That was not all. After we had to lift up a car as its front wheel was in the drainage. We offered the guy a help. But the bulk of the lifting work was done by Nabil n then he said,”Inni mela St. Terasasil varulla”.

2 Responses to “Nabil’s Day Out at St.Terasa College!!!”

  1. MANU Says:

    anubhavagal paalichakal enna oru pusthakam irakkan Nabilinodu para.

  2. entemind Says:

    Innu thane Paranjekam…

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