KP’s CAP reveals a STORY n a Question????

Don’t ever dare to think that I am gonna speak about the new millionare Kevin Peterson..

Its all about my SCUBA friend Anoop K P famously know as KP in our great college.SH Thevara.He is a very funny guy…One of his hobby is to collect t-shirts available for freeeee. He got a CAP from KYA….Kerala Yatching Association( Shhhhhh He is trainner there)..When we where getting our autograph signed from our friends in  a book. This guy wanted in his CAP…..I was the first to SIGN..Bingo..

Now let me come to the incident that only we two know..KP  wanted this from our teachers also..He got from everyone except our HOD Jose Sir..KP was  bit reluctant to approach him..He asked me to accompany him..As soon as we conveyed the thought to Jose Sir..He started laughing.. I have never seen him laughing like that in my whole three years in college…This was a sweet memory..And then Jose sir said a story..Yeah He did..Lets here what Jose sir told..

Its was way back in 1976. Jose Sir then a student was going to Delhi in a train to collect his Degree certificate..He met a guy in the train who was going to collect some award..Since it was a long trip..They happened to be friends quickly..Surprisingly they met once again on their way back to home…And they still keep their friendship intact..Oh my GOD..Its beutiful to have kept friendship such long…Now the Question.. we have many frienship forwards,messages saying this n that…But Can we Keep Friendship for Decades??????….

It will surely take me years to answer……………

4 Responses to “KP’s CAP reveals a STORY n a Question????”

  1. MANU Says:

    I also signed in that………………..
    And about KP’s T-shirt collection, I think he is having about 365 T-shirts.(oru varsham alakkenda)

  2. entemind Says:

    Its right what you said,”He Doesn’t wanna wash his clothes for may be LIFETIME”. That crazy he is for T-shirts…..

  3. chithra Says:

    if feelings are true at heart then we can surely keep up our friendship wherever we are however long it becomes

  4. entemind Says:

    Yes :)….As long as there is Communication Devices we all will surely be in touch…

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