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Earth Hour…Kochi Switch off!!!!!!!!

March 27, 2009



Smaller action taken now would prove big tomorrow. Remember the End is Near but we can make push it further.

Time :- 8:30pm to 9:30pm

Date:-   28th March 2009

For more details and registration visit Earth Hour

The End or the Begining???

March 18, 2009

It’s wasn’t a long time in college..It finished pretty soon…We had our last exam yesterday…Was okay…A dream came true to me at the last day…I brought my new vehicle to the college…Seems really borring rite..Lets go to fun!!!!!

       At last the exams where  over.. We planned to go to oberon Mall…Now a famous hangout for youngsters’ in Kochi….It’s a very good mall..We where eight of us…Six Cat Musketeers ( Anand,Me ,Roh,Nabil,KP & Nikil)+ Prasanth and Sreeganth..We reached there..Surprisingly we saw Augustin, Mohammed ,Arun,Shamnas, Dharwesh ,Salman..My classmates….Nabil and Sreeganth as always very late to come there…Rohan and Nikil were hungry..We just walked around..went around the cricket zone….Rohan gave us treat at the newly opened food lets in Oberon..Prices to high!!!..We talked ranging from incidents in Excursion to that of  CAT NIGHT..Rohan was really screwed up because he never slept on the day before CAT..But he got in Christ College using his Mat Score!!!..

    Arun came and invited us to join them at their table in  food court..We said we are fine..We introduced ourselve with the guys at the food counter..Had a nice chat..Nabil ordered for a grill chicken..I went to him and warned about prices..He asked the what’s the price..Rs 15o came the answer ..Then he said..” Entha Chetta ithu…Half plate undo”..They smiled and said “Yes”..He ordered that!!! Pavam Nabil.. Rohan Anand, me had to order vegeterian. Pavam we .We had the food and said good bye to Augustin and Party..

    We went back to Cricket Zone..Nabil wanted to play against the Balling Machine..He went there and the Guy in charge of Balling Machine asked Nikil ..” Onnu Pedipichallo”.. The first ball was a bouncer and a nasty one on to Nabil’s Chest.. You should have watched the Expression on Nabil’s face. A combination of fear and Shame..But he scored 18 runs in 18 deliveries with some good shots but most of it were slogs!!!.. We met the incharge of Balling Machine,Jayan..Asked where his place is..Had a good chat with him too. We went into the parking area…Rohan tried his usual “vallips”.. He started laughing..We were amused..Why is he laughing???…Left the Oberon with lot of thoughts and sweet memories to Cherish.

Rohit Sharma Shatters Indian Dream

March 14, 2009

       What was/is Rohit Sharma doing at the wicket. Because of his presence in the ground Indian team looked liked that of a decade ago. Falling apart like bicycles in the bicylce stand. It was okay on the part of Indian team to promote Rohit up the order. But he consumed a lot of deliveries and made Sehwag and others pay the price and inturn the whole batting perished. I guess Rohit should be asked to take some time in the domestic cricket and come back when he is fully confident. I am really angry with this young player.I would have liked Indian team win 4-0 rather than 3-1. Shey its a shame for this Indian side only because of Rohit Sharma’s batting and the way he makes others run out.

Holi…A flashback!!!

March 11, 2009

It’s been almost a decade I have celebrated holi at the extreme level. Today I tried but you know in Kerala here its only between the Indians from the North who celebrate it.I did put some color on some of my friends……Sandy invited me to his place but I didn’t feel to go.Don’t know why!!!!!. 

       Wondering about flashback…..Here it is….I was brought up  in Gujrat,Ahmedabad….Did my schooling from nursery to 5th std. Holi was one of my favorite festivals…I with my friends in the colony would buy a lot of color packets on the eve of the day.

 I rememeber the ritual where the Kites where burnt. I would stay there watching sadly the Kites burn..Then the next day the real fun came…Holi festival of color with music .My friends came early in the morning singing songs with water pumps in their hand and pumping color water on minutes I was bathed in color all over my body…I remember once returning from Kerala in train we had to close our Windows inorder to avoid people from outside pumping water into the train..I hope these days come back to my life once more.

UN should act in Pakistan

March 3, 2009

Why is United Nations not acting in Pakisatan .It’s high time for international agencies to come together discuss and take actions in the serious case prevailing in Pakistan.

Or else as what India said right now,the TIME BOMB would explode any time and will cause serious damage to the World. Who ever responsible in terror should never be spared. I hope the authorities concerned takes actions ASAP

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