Srilankan Crciket Shocked ya Cricket???

It’s  very unfortunate to hear terror attacks on Srilankan Players.I was shell shocked when Ravi Shastri announced it while he was on air. Uglyist incident after 26/11 in the same way as well.

Hopefully Srilankan players are safe(five injured though)  and  Indian players didn’t tour Pakistan. I am a fan of Kumar Sangakara, hope he along with others injured in this inhuman attacks recovers soon.

I hope Pakistan comes up with better security measures and wash away all the terror infrastructure and hang those behind such attacks or I guess this is the end of international sport in Pakistan.THE END.

2 Responses to “Srilankan Crciket Shocked ya Cricket???”

  1. esthertrojan Says:

    Sad day for Cricket. Indians expected this and did not travel to Pakistan. Sri Lanka dared, but the security provided by Pakistan was er inadequate.

  2. entemind Says:

    Hopefully all the Srilankan Cricketers have joined their family.

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