Holi…A flashback!!!

It’s been almost a decade I have celebrated holi at the extreme level. Today I tried but you know in Kerala here its only between the Indians from the North who celebrate it.I did put some color on some of my friends……Sandy invited me to his place but I didn’t feel to go.Don’t know why!!!!!. 

       Wondering about flashback…..Here it is….I was brought up  in Gujrat,Ahmedabad….Did my schooling from nursery to 5th std. Holi was one of my favorite festivals…I with my friends in the colony would buy a lot of color packets on the eve of the day.

 I rememeber the ritual where the Kites where burnt. I would stay there watching sadly the Kites burn..Then the next day the real fun came…Holi festival of color with music .My friends came early in the morning singing songs with water pumps in their hand and pumping color water on me..in minutes I was bathed in color all over my body…I remember once returning from Kerala in train we had to close our Windows inorder to avoid people from outside pumping water into the train..I hope these days come back to my life once more.

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