SKY HIGH!!!!!!!!

It was one of my best day in my life..I have to blog this because the day had a lot of surprises for me.

It was on 21st April 2009. The day before thanks to The Hindu I saw an article on Adventure Sports to be held in Maharaja’s College Ground. I called them and came to know that this was free for all the youth and orgainzed by the Kerala Youth Welfare Board .

I along with KP , Sreekumar ( Kp’ s mate ) registered for Hot Air Balloon, Paragliding respectively.

I reached Maharaja’s College first . KP came along with Sreekumar in Sreekumar’s Bike. It was raining.. I thought the rain God’s are going to disappoint us. But the weather slowly cleared.

They blew the Hot Air balloon using their instruments which I saw for the first time with my naked eyes. KP went to have tea. He bought me Parippu Vada. It was good.We registered for the event . KP was interested in Paragagliding but I wanted to sea Kochi from the heights so I chose HAB.

It was our turn, Sreekumar and I got on the basket, the guy took us slowly in to the sky, I made history ..I travelled in air.  The Hot air balloon was tied though ,so that it doesn’t exceed limits .

It was an awesome experience to see the City from an Bird’s View Angle. I could see KP as a small dot .

As soon as we reached down we were excited to here that we have certificates for the same and to be handed by Minister for Youth and sports Sri Vijay Kumar..I didn’t get the chance but was worth it.

We got chance to be on TV.. But I missed the chance to speak to Asianet’s Anchor .  Ribi came at around 10 am . She wanted to be in Air but it was already finsihed. Then she registered for Zorbing.

It was fun.She went inside the ball,  I and KP outside pushing the ball in the rain. She said Stop Stop ..We stopped ..She came out some how. We were heading towards exit but some one caught our sight in the rain.

Thanks to Ribi. The one was  RJ from SFM Radio. We got the chance to be go LIVE on AIR because he saw just one from Girls side doing Zorbing . Our voice was heard by all those tuned into SFM including my Mom and sister.

Ribi told she will give us treat as her firm promised to give her salary..We went there to collect the salary but disappointly she didn’t get.. All this time I was receiving msg from Nandini, (My VP AIESEC) ..She messaged that they wanted to say something important.

I went to Romana’s place ( My LCP)..They asked me can I be Vice President for DT ( Two VP’s ). I was shell shocked. I said , ” I will give you the confirmation in 24hrs .”  But that didn’t happen. I was appointed as VP for AIESEC Kochi there itself. Oh I can’t belive I am on the Excecutive Board of one the largest student run orgainzation.

4 Responses to “SKY HIGH!!!!!!!!”

  1. MANU Says:

    da i really missed it man………………we had exams at that time.

  2. MANU Says:

    **LARGEST in the last sentence of this article is miss spelled. Correct it and delete this comment.

  3. entemind Says:

    I really appreciate people pointing out my mistakes..!!!!!

  4. Flashback [Remembering 2009] « Ente Mind Says:

    […] I was still enjoying days with my college friends and there was this adventure camp and I was attending it and this happened . […]

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