I Pity on CPI-M

I can’t stop laughing at the results on National level as well as Local Level(Kerala) . Pinarayi Vijayan hasn’t even shown his face to media. V S was pretty sure that this election would only benefit UDF . He indirectly even said so. I hope CPI-M sacks Pinarayi Vijayan from being the Party Secretary instead of V S from his office .

People know that Pinarayi has benefited from SNC Lavlin.. But he is n’t even prosecuted for it .The cabinet cleared him with out even reading the 12000 page long report. They say the some random officers  gave them a summary of it and was enough to clear this  guy..!!!

Well majority of the citizens has realised these double standards from LDF. The stage sharing of Pinarayi and Mdani should only have benefited Congress rather than  LDF..!!!

Who is the Third front??  :p

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