The Next Five Years ..!!!

The election results have already proved good signs for the Indian Share Market. I think this would be the turning point for India’s overall and sustainable development. The candidates for the cabinet minister under the leadership of Dr. Manmohan Singh will have a huge task in front of them during this five years.

There are certain areas in which the new government should really look into. One of the important areas is with regard to Environment.  There should be decent investment in renewable sources of energy especially solar and wind. The government should also promote the use of EV’s and if possible provide some subsidies for the new companies coming up with vehicles using renewable sources of energy.

The 100 days work guarantee program was a huge success last term. They should try to increase the guarantee by  20 days every year. Thus uplifting the standard of living in rural areas.

Another area should be mass transport system in all main cities. The projects has already started but the new government should ensure that these projects are completed within the time specified.

They new government should also introduce some programs in order to attract the youth into politics or else tomorrow there would be very less youngsters in the government.

The employees of private sector should also be considered and programs for them should also be introduced. There are some areas where a lot of salary cuts happen . All those laws and provisions should be re checked and implemented correctly.

There are also others areas. But as my thinking this are the areas which should be prioritized.

I wish all the best for the new government. Hope that they carry out their responsibility smoothly and in time.

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