HIV/AIDS Workshop in @ Hyderabad


Hey guys I was actually out of town for almost five days. I have a very good reason for that. I went to Hyderabad on Saturday to study how the @ [AIESEC] LC( Local Comittee)  in Hyd was implementing the project. It was so great of them to accept our request to let us know how they implemented it. Sana, VP DT of @ Hyd helped me a lot on the project and he even gave me accommodation at his place, which was built like some 100 years ago by the Nawab.

His house has a huge entrance where in earlier days elephants used to pass through it.  Back to the project, Anurag Mishra my NLDS ‘O8 mate was the OCP(Organizing Commitee President) of Genesis Project( HIV/AIDS awareness). This made me even more easier to study all the working behind it .  What I could see in them was team work which succeded the first ever workshop they organized this year held at Kamala Nehru College. Yuvan, from Mauritius was one among the SCB interns who had come for the project in India. He was such a lovely person and could speak hindi fluently. I got all the details from their LC without any hindrance and I plan to implement as soon as possible in AIESEC in Kochi.

Apart from that, I had an informal meeting ( Sana’s comment) with Anurag Reddy (VP TM of @ Hyd).To be frank I didn’t know his name till the day before I left Hyd.  He was such a nice person which you seldom see these days. He and I had some similar career plans(Joining Polictics ). He told me how he has carried the work and motivated the members to work more, where I haven’t succeded so far. A truth, Some thing was and is lacking in me to be a Good leader. I know I can solve it asap if I take some of his views plus my thinking. He also gave me tips on Time Management and also told me to read books of management rather than fiction alone. An advice to be taken immediately .

Although I could not visit tourist places in Hyd, exept for Charminar,which Sana took me at Midnight, I tried taking photos but the photo’s were blurr but still pieces of memory of the beutiful city will keep these days as one of my best days in AIESEC.

A wonderful experience which had everything fun, knowledge sharing, and yes meeting people from different culture and I also met a techo..Er forgot his name..He wants to create his own company without disclosing to his parents.

Aaj ka yuva kya nahi sochte hein.!!!

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