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Kerala wont study

August 26, 2009

It’s a pity that Kerala never learns from its own lessons. Today for nothing the bus drivers association in Kochi called a strike to protest against the bus owners for not increasing the bonus .

At last, they called of the strike off the strike just because the bonus was increased by Rs 300/ – .

They sacrificed one day’s wages just for a mere Rs 300 ? Shameful act. I know if there is one country that wouldn’t learn from it’s mistakes. It would always be God’s Own Country.

PS:- Had to waste 50 bucks to take the scooter out because of the damn strike :X

Missing Onam Celebrations :(

August 26, 2009

Even though last years Onam Celebrations wasn’t great enough. I had the opportunity to be part of it .But this year things aren’t looking great. My college got over . I don’t think, there would be celebrations happening @ CL or AIESEC, and no one has invited me for the celebration either, although I provided some of my interns with the opportunity, I don’t have it….:(

I will have to celebrate Onam myself 😀

Why is this Always !!! SRK Questioned.

August 15, 2009

Imagine if this is what happens to the celebrities who are well know all over the World. It’s SRK …Questioned for almost 2 hrs just for having “Khan” along with his name.

What about the others, who would find it way difficult to prove their identity. I think Indian Government should take some actions , so that our Citizens don’t face such problems at the airports at US.

This continuing arrogance against those who have names resembling the hit list of American Agencies  should be really looked into it..who knows tomorrow the Airport Security might just kill an innocent just because he’s gotta Name !!

Friendship Day..!!!

August 2, 2009

It’s fun right to have a day devoted for our friends, I don’t have much experience celebrating friendship day, but till now I got around 10 messages wishing me  ” Happy Friendship Day”. which suggests I do have some good friends to back on :).

During my school days, when my friends where getting friendship bands tied all over their hand I used to watch those closely and wished some one will come and tie my hand too. But seldom people came too me. I never tied to some one too. Bands where quiet costly to me !!!  My thinking at those time was, only if someone ties you a band, the person can be reckoned as one having  a lot a friends. Today I realize how immature my mind was. 😉

Friends need not tie a band, they are always tied.


August 1, 2009

Yesterday was one of those days , where you think should never happen again. But it was actually a good experience. I got some learning lessons from the people I met yesterday . One thing is for sure, one should be really systamatic when it comes to issues which are of great importance. I came back home . The first thing I did was to open a file for those things the people I met said. I was really happy to find that I had documents which I thought I didn’t have. So half the matters was almost settled. Today I got responses from most of the people I mailed asking about the documents required to sort of the issue.

This thing I guess will be settled within this week. I hope it does ;). It’s a begining of a new month I need to get things organized if I need to meet my targets in my work and in my life.

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