Why is this Always !!! SRK Questioned.

Imagine if this is what happens to the celebrities who are well know all over the World. It’s SRK …Questioned for almost 2 hrs just for having “Khan” along with his name.

What about the others, who would find it way difficult to prove their identity. I think Indian Government should take some actions , so that our Citizens don’t face such problems at the airports at US.

This continuing arrogance against those who have names resembling the hit list of American Agencies  should be really looked into it..who knows tomorrow the Airport Security might just kill an innocent just because he’s gotta Name !!

One Response to “Why is this Always !!! SRK Questioned.”

  1. vibin Says:

    I was just talking about this the other day.
    Said, people like Angelina jolie, Hillary Clinton n Obama should be thoroughly frisked when they come to India..
    who knows what kind of explosives they might carry in the name of jihad???

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