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Planning & Execution.

October 26, 2009

Don’t you think, this two words are very important in one’s life . A few months ago I met a person at fort kochi who is a master in…in  not planning. He believes what comes in his day is already decided from above and there is no need to plan ahead and crying in the end of the day for not executing it is much of a waste of time.

I thought to give it a try for a almost a month, but to be fair enough that’s actually not a good way to see your life. I have now learned the imortance of planning. Now if you are asking me, “Have I put this two in my life “. The answer would be , ‘No” :p.  But I am raring to put this two words into my life. I am gonna assess the difference between planning and not planning the future. I am pretty sure that planning in advance would definitely bring in more results, probably more than anticipated.

350 Events

October 24, 2009

Today was International Day for Climate Action.  As part of 4000 events happening in 170 countries across the world for 350, Students from various colleges belonging to Yi net came to Durbar Hall Ground in Kochi for various activities such as Cycle rally, Marathon, Cultural Events and painting including a human 350 formation.

Though the activities where diverse, every activity had only one theme in mind that was to save earth from the increasing carbon emissions.

It was really great to see kids performing drama depicting the first movement in the History of the world for the Good of Earth,  The Chipko movement which dates back to 1730 AD .  The spirit of the kids while performing it shows that the world is in safer hands.  Students also brought some of their own produced handbags which are completely Eco friendly.


There were quizzes In between to keep the crowd interested and gifts where given to those answered correctly.  The Human 350 formation witnessed participation of almost the same no. of people clearly stating the success of the event in terms of participation and organizing.

The event was inaugurated by Pranay who is the head of an organization dealing with bio degradable goods and they are also planning to step into Solar Energy.  He is also a active member of IYCN [Indian Youth Climate Network]

I was really happy to be around for the event which gave me the knowledge of how one could contribute to his environment. The Change, it’s the change which begins from you. You decide the fate of tomorrow’s world. If you want to make it happen, then they would say. “Be part of the solution rather than the problem .”


October 24, 2009

Thanks to Vinod. I now know how to use my cam 🙂

Shot @ Vinod's Home.

October 24th, 2009.

October 19, 2009

This day is been chosen as the International Day for Climate Action. People all over the world will be taking steps to bring down the carbon emissions to 350 ppm. Supporting the same, students of Toch H Institute is organizing an event at Darbar Hall Ground at 7 am in the morning. All of the Kochi Citizens are kindly requested to assemble there for the same half an hour prior.

The program[ 3arth Need5 Y0u] on the day is as follows:-

07.00am – Marathon starts

07.30am – Cycling starts

08.30am – Converging in Dharbar Hall Ground and formation of ‘HUMAN 350’

09.00am – Inaugural function

09.45am –  Painting campaign starts

10.00am – Cultural events

11.30am –  Campaign concludes

12 noon –    Closing ceremony

12.30pm – Green disperse
Spread the word to the World. We need actions to protect our one and only home. “The Earth.”

Also visit :-


October 16, 2009

You might come across by blog to check out is this real or to check out some one’s experience. Well if you are here to check out what is E.S.P this is not the place.

I don’t even know if it’s part of E.S.P . Yesterday I just didn’t go to CL, didn’t have the mind too, so I thought of going to my office, Rohan called me and he said, he wants to go to college I said , okay ! .

When I was about to reach Thevara, I was recalling my good old days at college, the classes, Parades , punishments[ frog jumps], and my former SUO who joined the Indian Army , I was thinking what would he be probably doing there at the that point of time.

I reached college met my teacher, did some documentation required for obtaining Degree certificate, I had to wait there for a while to get Principals Signature , I was glancing through the notice board, Just then I heard someone calling my name, a familiar voice. I turned back, it was my SUO . I asked him what’s he doing here? I thought he had taken leave, but then I came to know from him about an accident which caused him to leave Indian Army.

During his leadership time, I have noticed the burning desire in him to be an officer in Army. He was always an asset to any force. It was a real shock for me and I was thinking why did I think about him in Bus and saw him in 2 hrs from then. Is it an E.S.P or just a co-incidence ,well God knows ,  He is a tough man, right now he is preparing for bank test and might also look into civil service,

Later in the day I met Manu,  my NCC friend who is leaving to Pune for his MS in Bits Pillani as part of Wipro Campus Selection. Manu knew about the incident but he also said to me that this guy is gonna face the life hard and he will eventually conquer it. I didn’t have a second thought for it.

Sometimes minds plays tricks which makes you feel bit surprised. ! Whether E.S.P or not it was something I wouldn’t forget.

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