You might come across by blog to check out is this real or to check out some one’s experience. Well if you are here to check out what is E.S.P this is not the place.

I don’t even know if it’s part of E.S.P . Yesterday I just didn’t go to CL, didn’t have the mind too, so I thought of going to my office, Rohan called me and he said, he wants to go to college I said , okay ! .

When I was about to reach Thevara, I was recalling my good old days at college, the classes, Parades , punishments[ frog jumps], and my former SUO who joined the Indian Army , I was thinking what would he be probably doing there at the that point of time.

I reached college met my teacher, did some documentation required for obtaining Degree certificate, I had to wait there for a while to get Principals Signature , I was glancing through the notice board, Just then I heard someone calling my name, a familiar voice. I turned back, it was my SUO . I asked him what’s he doing here? I thought he had taken leave, but then I came to know from him about an accident which caused him to leave Indian Army.

During his leadership time, I have noticed the burning desire in him to be an officer in Army. He was always an asset to any force. It was a real shock for me and I was thinking why did I think about him in Bus and saw him in 2 hrs from then. Is it an E.S.P or just a co-incidence ,well God knows ,  He is a tough man, right now he is preparing for bank test and might also look into civil service,

Later in the day I met Manu,  my NCC friend who is leaving to Pune for his MS in Bits Pillani as part of Wipro Campus Selection. Manu knew about the incident but he also said to me that this guy is gonna face the life hard and he will eventually conquer it. I didn’t have a second thought for it.

Sometimes minds plays tricks which makes you feel bit surprised. ! Whether E.S.P or not it was something I wouldn’t forget.

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