350 Events

Today was International Day for Climate Action.  As part of 4000 events happening in 170 countries across the world for 350, Students from various colleges belonging to Yi net came to Durbar Hall Ground in Kochi for various activities such as Cycle rally, Marathon, Cultural Events and painting including a human 350 formation.

Though the activities where diverse, every activity had only one theme in mind that was to save earth from the increasing carbon emissions.

It was really great to see kids performing drama depicting the first movement in the History of the world for the Good of Earth,  The Chipko movement which dates back to 1730 AD .  The spirit of the kids while performing it shows that the world is in safer hands.  Students also brought some of their own produced handbags which are completely Eco friendly.


There were quizzes In between to keep the crowd interested and gifts where given to those answered correctly.  The Human 350 formation witnessed participation of almost the same no. of people clearly stating the success of the event in terms of participation and organizing.

The event was inaugurated by Pranay who is the head of an organization dealing with bio degradable goods and they are also planning to step into Solar Energy.  He is also a active member of IYCN [Indian Youth Climate Network]

I was really happy to be around for the event which gave me the knowledge of how one could contribute to his environment. The Change, it’s the change which begins from you. You decide the fate of tomorrow’s world. If you want to make it happen, then they would say. “Be part of the solution rather than the problem .”

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