Planning & Execution.

Don’t you think, this two words are very important in one’s life . A few months ago I met a person at fort kochi who is a master in…in  not planning. He believes what comes in his day is already decided from above and there is no need to plan ahead and crying in the end of the day for not executing it is much of a waste of time.

I thought to give it a try for a almost a month, but to be fair enough that’s actually not a good way to see your life. I have now learned the imortance of planning. Now if you are asking me, “Have I put this two in my life “. The answer would be , ‘No” :p.  But I am raring to put this two words into my life. I am gonna assess the difference between planning and not planning the future. I am pretty sure that planning in advance would definitely bring in more results, probably more than anticipated.

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