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The Legendary Cycle gets Stolen!!!

November 17, 2009

You would never ever imagine that my legendary 10 year old rusty cycle got stolen last night. Oops bit exaggerated I am ,Let me count 9th std was when I bought it,  it’s a six year old but in really bad condition.

The cycle has a legend to say, you would never think that at least a 100 people would have rode my cycle .The cycle has witnessed at least 2 cycle rallies , both covering around 200 KM each. I would have touched almost 50K  Km if the cycle had a speedometer. My friends used to crib on me for riding the cycle where ever I go , even when I meet my school friends . I would in most cases be on my old cycle .

They are gonna surprised next time when they see me with out the cycle. Who ever it may be , he is a sick guy , the cycle doesn’t even have one of the pedals. How could he possibly whack my cycle.  I guess he didn’t see my cycle at night.

Just to make sure the cycle is still in my house . I even checked out upsatairs . Hangover !@!@! . But unfortunately it wasn’t there 😦


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