Flashback [Remembering 2009]

Year 2009..Can I comment on the year in a word ..lemme see…I guess I still don’t have the vocab  to express how it was for me to have such an year .

It was nearing the end of college days for me, can’t ever forget those three years I had in Sacred Heart College Thevara . I was always happy in college , and little over active as well 😀

Also the third year in National Cadet Corps, I thought being in third year I would escape punishments,  but unfortunately I could never escape , my Senior Under Officer also my friend, Mr Ranveer Singh would ask me to jump [frog  jumps]  for not bringing in people for parade.I hated it the most.

I think people don’t turn up for certain things for the simple fact that they don’t like it, you cannot force someone to do things when he doesn’t like to…

It was time for farewell, I don’t know whether I should have done that , but in the end I did it, I went and got the photographer to take our class picture, the time I spent running after that killed the time when I could have taken a lot of pictures with my friends where I spend three years with them, It’s a pity that I don’t have a lot of pics to tag myself on facebook or orkut on that farewell day.

But in a way at least I created an opportunity for my friends to hold that one piece of hard paper to look for their near and dear ones at some point of time.

In between all this hala balla in college, I found time to spent for the largest student organization in the world , I wasn’t active at all during the days I joined it because of my commitments in NCC and uppar sein CAT preparation and it costed me not to have a voting right at the election but in the end it was good .

That motivated me to work full on for AIESEC and more than that my choice won the election .I had my new VP calling me to fix appointments and go for marketing , it was fun without much success because I never got the appointment converted to a deal.  We had meeting every week to access progress and once my VP said , there is no point of meeting until something tangible is done.   I had no hope for a deal since 10 of my appointments where never converted.

I got my time table for the final year exams , it was okay , I was marketing AIESEC online to exchange participants , and once when I was chatting with me VP ,she was like, we have unlimited raises [Deal] . I was like what  and she said to convert . I said fine.

Even on the eve of my exam I went for an appointment, it was crazy, the passion I had and I have with AIESEC was at the zenith.

My exams started , Accounts didn’t go well , but I knew I would not flunk , then came the comediest part , during my exams , My VP sends me a message , Go match , I was like what , I still remember that message , I texted her back, ” Listen I am writing my future , let this get over and I will unleash my power for AIESEC in Kochi.”

Exams got over, I had my first match[Term used in AIESEC when an Exchange Participant is willing to come down for an internship]  in between , My LCP congragulated me for that ,actually the match was little funny , because the EP went to my VP first , I added her on gmail and started chatting, I think it was probably a strategy by my VP and LCP to let me handle the EP.  Once when she was chatting with me , she asked me,” How many exchanges are you looking forward this year.” I never expected such a question , we only had one two matches including her and to answer the future was a little tough, I don’t know what prompted me , I blankly said 40 odd and the next thing I did was to call my VP and tell her this, ” Hey listen I accidently told Liza that we are gonna do 40 exhanges this year, in case she asks something about that tell her the same figure.” My VP was like it’s okay we will do 40 , I never ever thought it because in 2008 my department had done only 2 exchanges and 40 was way far.

I started matching the new unlimited raises [20] and converted 4 into matches , My VP was happy , My LCP would probably be more happier than my VP because she saw something special in me.

I was still enjoying days with my college friends and there was this adventure camp and I was attending it and this happened .

I was part of the Executive Board of AIESEC in Kochi, more than that I was part of The Malayalees

Things in my department started going smoothly , results started showing , one thing we missed was , my members didn’t get much results , had to wait till August for my member to get a match.

I went to Hyderabad , was a very good eXperience . But I missed the conference I never wanted to , it was June National Conference 😦 , I heard from those who went including my Co VP , that we got a standing ovation when they entered the plennary with 22 exchanges. I was really proud because my contribution was a lot in those 22 exchanges.

After the conference , things started to change dramatically,  My Co-VP said she lost interest in AIESEC is she is quitting .It was really painful for me ,because we were working with a lot of coordination. She was supposed to Raise forms and she did and I was supposed to match forms I did. This was the deal between us and LCP when I was given the charge of my department , that I only need to match forms, since I took a year off to write MBA entrance exams and also in between joined CL where I had to go for each classes.

I didn’t do anything for some while in AIESEC, and then I had to choose between two, studies or AIESEC , I was confused, should I take care of my Career or should I hold the belief of people who have entrusted me with a department. I chose two but the latter worked not the former.:( .

In a way I was happy but sad too because my parents spent a lot of money for my education and I knew I am not going give them back anything.

I started to get deals signed , yeah it was like Miracles for me , getting Deals was like heaven, it improved my Marketing skills, I started to talk a lot that was more important.  My language started improving, their was a lot of improvement comparing me in 2008 and 2009.

My members started getting matches , Another conference came , I couldn’t attend since it was IRMA test on the 3rd day of conference and my Regional Director said to take a flight , I said no baap ,,costly .  But AIESEC in Kochi got another round of standing ovation for 900% growth and my LCP texted ,

“SONA[State of National Affairs]  happening.we got a standing ovation for 900 & growth 🙂 , CONGRATS:) love you guys..but make sure our target is on your head ..all the very best..raise..match and realize more..cheers..LCP.”

This text was on 5-11-2009 , when we just uploaded 20 forms of Projects that too just because my LCP gave me confidence in uploading those important forms.

My target was 50 and I was short by 13 when we had our LCM post conference at my home but still LCP was like,” DT has done 37 and I am sure they will achieve their target.”

Thanks to my members they got me the target 3 days before my term ended , and I said to myself ,  “I have unleashed my powers”

I had CAT , Mat in between got 85 percentile in September MAT , got calls from SCMS and some more good colleges but I said to my self I am capable for more than these college I should not apply and I didn’t.

Finally the year came to end, the best year so far in my life,  I managed to find my best friend in my LCP and my close friends in my EB, The Malayalees .  Love them all !!!

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