Less No. of Applicants, Scary!!!

I like going to church, but I dislike the system running the church because I think they also have the business motto , Earn Money !!!

Today happened to be one of the young priest to offer service in my Church. He was really disappointed in seeing less no. of applicants applying to Seminary. He criticized the system and also the people behind such less applicants . Why this topic today because , this Sunday happens to be for the Priests who died and he is worried whether there would be any priest to offer prayer when this generation of Priest leave earth.

Apparently in Europe and USA, the no. of priests are declining and they are now outsourced from other countries especially from Kerala. The young Priest in my church thinks that 50 years  from now on , the church might become a pub or a wedding hall due to lack of Priest.

He gave some facts related to Syrian Orthodox Priest applicants compared to others . This year in Marthoma Church 83 people applied and 22 got in and in Orthodox 85 people applied and just 22 got the seats . Even in those church the demand is less compared to Engineering and Medical Entrance Exams , but when it came to Jacobite Syrian church only 16 applied and 24 seats are vacant , Well this is a fact which is scary because if my child wishes to get married in the traditional way , he might find it difficult to find a priest to observe the Marriage.

But the question is who is the culprit? , well the answer is simple , it’s me and you and everyone part of the church who never ever wishes to be a Priest!!!

It’s really scary, I might not be able to confess my sins in the years to come before a Priest.

2 Responses to “Less No. of Applicants, Scary!!!”

  1. shinilpm Says:

    Rittu,me too think its true.Its a dangerous fact or church is facing

  2. shinilpm Says:

    Rittu.me too think its true.Its a dangerous fact our church is facing.

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