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The Other side of Kochi

February 26, 2010

When people from other countries come down to India, majority of them ask, Where is the Slum ? Poor people , they do not know that India is one of the countries which is developing faster than any other  and the slums are quite rare in big cities.

But is that fact true ? You will have to say, there is slum in each and every city in India. I do not know if measures have taken for providing them homes to live in , there might be, but it isn’t reaching to the people who requires it.

Kochi is one the fastest developing cities of the world with International Container terminal , IT Parks, Special Economic Zones , Oceanarium  and other projects coming up , it is bound to be developed with in a few years.  But even such a city does have a slum.

Today when I went to the place which is in the heart of the city,  I saw small children carrying woods on their head, kid’s cradle hung on trees , people taking rest on the newly tarred road, which would be as hot as it can get.

The area was occupied with the unfortunate people for many years , but recently the GCDA built a compound wall around the area restricting them to enter inside it , which made them built houses around the walls and on the sides of the road.

I cannot bear the heat inside my home , I wonder how will it be for the newly born’s and the people living their. I can only pray to God to show mercy on them and make them capable of bearing the Heat of Kochi.

20 Years of Making !!!

February 24, 2010

How could possibly a man achieve the greatest heights in one day cricket after spending 20 years in a game which is passion more than anything for the Great Man.  God was great to allow the God of Cricket to achieve this feet for the first time in world history.

Today for the first time we asked some one to score a single than one over boundary.You speak of slogs, you speak of power but today’s innings showed the world that “Old is Gold”. The shots when played in gaps can bring you the Glory never earned before .You need not crush the ball, You need only to time the ball for it to reach boundary. 25 of them and 3 over the boundary, only this man could do it and it will remain so for a long period of time.

You will always be the ‘One’. The ‘One’ that people will envy about , but no one will be like you . You are the “Only One.” You are Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar

Jai Hind !!!

Google Your Name.

February 21, 2010

Now this is to find how famous are you over internet, I am sure by now you would have googled your name and would have seen the result, for the first timers , you did be surprised that you are recognized by Google and that your name and various details do appear on the first few pages.

Now how about trying .” I am feeling lucky.” If you are using facebook, your facebook profile is what you see , provided you are a little active on it, or it would be some other person’s profile, which means you are not an internet addict :D.

Or if you have your blog with your blog’s name the same as yours. It will re-direct to your blog . Isn’t internet cool.

You can try my name and Google . It would start from my FaceBook profile, to my twitter and my blog.

But the best is when you type, “Entemind” and click, “I am feeling lucky.” You will see my blog 🙂 .  That’s what makes you unique in the internet world . It will surely help you, if you face interview questions like, “What makes you special in the crowd. ”

I know that this post is lame for those who have already tried it, but it is also to remind you to  follow me for witnessing a brand new category set to be launched soon !!!

Home Work !!!

February 20, 2010

My dad isn’t much cool about me sitting at the home and doing nothing, so he gave me some work today.

I was asked to go collect the application form from SBI in order to start a pension account for my grandmother and go to Surya Gas Agency to check the status of the refill which has been delayed for God knows what reason for 70 long days from the day of booking and then to go to the Corporation of Cochin in order to get the Ownership Certificate.

I got the scooter today to do all these, I dropped my dad in his office and went to the bank. The board outside the bank read Banking hours from 08:00 am to 08:00 pm.  It pleased me , it was only 08:35 am and I was wondering whether the bank would be open or not.  It was , thank God , I went in …It was a wonderful sight..there was just one employ in the office..anyways she gave me the application form and I went to Surya Gas Agency.

I walked in , gave the Consumer no, and I said, ” We booked the gas last year, last year and we still haven’t got it , could you please make sure that you give the refill today, it’s been 3 months we have seen the cylinder guy at our home.”

She gave me a “Aiyoo Pavam” look as I was begging . She told me, “Don’t worry , we will get you the cylinder today.”  I asked her again, “You are sure no, don’t forget ,it’s been two weeks we are having food from outside”[That was a lie, we did arrange an alternative cylinder from our neighbor] and I left.

I hate this government places ,especially when it comes to Corporation of Kochi , it will take an hour for them to lift a pen.

I met the Peon and asked him ,” Chetta, how do you get this ownership certificate.” He said, “You need to fill up the chellan. ” and he brought me one , I saw a lot of details and columns ,and I just filled the date  since I couldn’t figure out the rest , the Peon said, “Oh you know how to fill it.”  I said ,” Hmm .No.. “. Peon continues , ” Write OC ,your house no, whatever it is.” I said ,”I want it in two nos.,  since this certificate is to show the Kerala Water Authority in order change the ownership of water connection over there and in the water bill the house no. is different as it was as per the old system.”  He said, ” Do you have the tax receipt?. ”  I said, ” No, it’s been 8 years we are owning our home and we pay the tax as per new house no. and showed him the Receipt. ” He asked me to go and meet the officer over the other room,

I went and that room was empty , I went to him again and asked whether I can pay the fees now and clarify later, he said okay. I paid the fees , had to wait for 20 minutes,these corporation wasn’t even using computers, everything was done manually ,  I  came back to see the officer , hopefully she was there and she  said, “Write an application and give it to the Superintendent Sir.” I said, “I already have it” and I walked to the Superintendent Sir.

He was busy talking with someone else ,I interrupted, “Sir, application. ” He ,”What..What.” .I repeated ,”Sir application for Ownership Certificate.” He saw the application and he said, “You have to stick a stamp on it.” I went to the Peon and asked, “What stamp is it.”  He said, “Revenue”. I asked where do I get it from , he said, “There is a shop over the corner of the road.”

I took my scooter and came back with the revenue stamp and pasted over the application form and took it to the Superintendent, He said, ” Hey , this is not the one, you should paste the court fee one. ” I said, “The Peon said this and then anyway all the money goes to the government only, now I will have to go back again. ” He said,”Oh he is an old man he might have forgot but I won’t accept unless it’s Court Fee one. ”

I went to the shop, the vendor was surprised to see me again, I didn’t  have change , neither did the vendor, I had to drink a Rs 7.50 Lime in order to get the change for the vendor , I bought the court fee by paying RS  1. 50 and got pasted the court fee stamp over the revenue and gave it to the Superintendent. When I started explaining about the things, he said,”You need not tell to me.”  He signed and asked me to give it another person.

Just then a middle aged man walked in to Superintendent and he said , “Good morning sir , how are you.” and gave 500 bucks under the table , the Superintendent easily put into his pocket.  It was a shameful sight, it was the first time I saw corruption with my naked eyes , all these years I have seen that on TV but this was bad.  I gave the written application and walked out from the office as they told me to come after 3 days , a simple work which should have been done in not more than 20 minutes ..!! What a corporation , no wonder ..the infrastructure projects of Kochi remain as projects in some files…

Red is the color of the Day :D

February 14, 2010

Today is Valentines Day and what do you do if you are single , you wear clothes that is red in color.

Shinu called me in the morning and asked if I was free, I said yeah, so he is like , “Hey , it’s boring to sit at home on valentines day.”  I said , “Oh is it. ”  I said ,”Lets go somewhere but where ?. ” He suggested , “Vypeen Beach.”  I said ,”Good idea, Even though it’s near to my house I had never gone there “.

Yeah what you read is true, it’s been years after tsunami a good long beach had been formed yet not visited by me nor used for tourist purposes , Kochites now go there but you seldom see foreigners as is the case of fortkochi . the beach is in Vypeen around 3-4 Km from Marine Drive.

We set out to beach on my scooter , it was funny on the road , most of the young men were wearing red outfits . I was like , “OMG, how desperate are they to let everyone know that they are single.”

The beach is simply awesome . Since few come there, it’s maintained by Nature in it’s perfect beauty, clean water and good soil without plastic waste lying on the ground which is a common sight in Fortkochi beach.

We set out to Oberon Mall and then we saw another guy in red, I said to shinu , “D…E….R …reverse it” . Shinu spelled the words loudly and the guy looked us, we offered a smile and walked a little quicker.  Inside the mall it was all red again, even girls had come with D…E…R.

I was telling Shinu on how I couldn’t write about Oberon malls role in changing the culture of Kochi ‘s citizens soon a year back, now you could see youngsters walking in as they do in metropolitan cities .  We saw the new fashion of Kochi today, ” Shirt and ‘Kylee Mundu’ with Sun glasses on” …it was funny to see some guys wearing such a combination.

The CineMax is all set to open from 20th of this month . Kochites will witness the comforts of multiplex for the first time at a dearer cost which I am sure will not be much of a problem considering the average monthly income of Kochites.

We bought a Pepsi and walked out of Oberon and passed through a group of youngsters all in Red..:D .

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