Red is the color of the Day :D

Today is Valentines Day and what do you do if you are single , you wear clothes that is red in color.

Shinu called me in the morning and asked if I was free, I said yeah, so he is like , “Hey , it’s boring to sit at home on valentines day.”  I said , “Oh is it. ”  I said ,”Lets go somewhere but where ?. ” He suggested , “Vypeen Beach.”  I said ,”Good idea, Even though it’s near to my house I had never gone there “.

Yeah what you read is true, it’s been years after tsunami a good long beach had been formed yet not visited by me nor used for tourist purposes , Kochites now go there but you seldom see foreigners as is the case of fortkochi . the beach is in Vypeen around 3-4 Km from Marine Drive.

We set out to beach on my scooter , it was funny on the road , most of the young men were wearing red outfits . I was like , “OMG, how desperate are they to let everyone know that they are single.”

The beach is simply awesome . Since few come there, it’s maintained by Nature in it’s perfect beauty, clean water and good soil without plastic waste lying on the ground which is a common sight in Fortkochi beach.

We set out to Oberon Mall and then we saw another guy in red, I said to shinu , “D…E….R …reverse it” . Shinu spelled the words loudly and the guy looked us, we offered a smile and walked a little quicker.  Inside the mall it was all red again, even girls had come with D…E…R.

I was telling Shinu on how I couldn’t write about Oberon malls role in changing the culture of Kochi ‘s citizens soon a year back, now you could see youngsters walking in as they do in metropolitan cities .  We saw the new fashion of Kochi today, ” Shirt and ‘Kylee Mundu’ with Sun glasses on” …it was funny to see some guys wearing such a combination.

The CineMax is all set to open from 20th of this month . Kochites will witness the comforts of multiplex for the first time at a dearer cost which I am sure will not be much of a problem considering the average monthly income of Kochites.

We bought a Pepsi and walked out of Oberon and passed through a group of youngsters all in Red..:D .

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