Google Your Name.

Now this is to find how famous are you over internet, I am sure by now you would have googled your name and would have seen the result, for the first timers , you did be surprised that you are recognized by Google and that your name and various details do appear on the first few pages.

Now how about trying .” I am feeling lucky.” If you are using facebook, your facebook profile is what you see , provided you are a little active on it, or it would be some other person’s profile, which means you are not an internet addict :D.

Or if you have your blog with your blog’s name the same as yours. It will re-direct to your blog . Isn’t internet cool.

You can try my name and Google . It would start from my FaceBook profile, to my twitter and my blog.

But the best is when you type, “Entemind” and click, “I am feeling lucky.” You will see my blog 🙂 .  That’s what makes you unique in the internet world . It will surely help you, if you face interview questions like, “What makes you special in the crowd. ”

I know that this post is lame for those who have already tried it, but it is also to remind you to  follow me for witnessing a brand new category set to be launched soon !!!

One Response to “Google Your Name.”

  1. Jax Says:

    good one… i havnt tried with ” I am feeling lucky.”
    i tried with “rodriguesjax” and also with my full name… Its wow…

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