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The Message.

March 25, 2010

“She never noticed me on the first day, but I did”

I  maintained a very low profile during the first days in Tech Academy where I enrolled for  studying CCNA, [Cisco Certified Network Associate], apparently this is the only institute in Ahmedabad to be certified by CISCO.

I came to know about the course details from my best friend , Anish, who I have spent 14 long years together in Don Bosco School in Vejalpur, he was also with me for the same program.

A Cisco course before B.Tech is always good.

Four days into the course, we covered the initial lessons , “Functions & Security Networks”, the lessons where quite interesting , the instructors  used the help of PPT’s, while teaching us.

My eyes knowingly unknowingly fell on Sneha , Yeah that’s her name. The classes started at 9 in the morning lasted till 1 Pm , we had half an hour break between 10:45am  and 11:15am  .

This wasn’t the normal type breaks, this break is used to clear doubts , have some water and sit in front of the computers and Networking devices. We completed the 4th chapter “IP Addressing” by the end of second week

Even though I had a bike, I always took a bus to the institute as it was in city, it’s risky to take the your bike out, you never know when the Cops will catch you for not having License !!!

As always,  I took a bus which was almost half vacant to the institute , three stops later, Sneha entered the bus. I could feel my heart in my mouth, she came to me, I felt nervous.

She spoke , “You are Rahul right, I said, ” Yeah I am.”  I never knew that she would know my name, but she did, she continued ,” Do you mind if I sit beside you.”  I gave her a smile.

It takes at least half an hour to reach the institute  from that stop, she kept quite, I couldn’t break the ice either and then she looked at me and said, ” Hope you know my name.”  I said , ” Yes , I do , you are Sneha.”

She laughed,”Oh you do , great.”  ..So which school did you study , what are your next plans.   The conversation continued till we reached the institute.

Today the class was about, “Connecting to a Wide Area Network.”  My mind was lost in ,” How do I connect with Sneha…” Fortunately it didn’t take much time, when the class was over, Sneha came to me and said, “Rahul, save this no.  9236974164 and give me a ring.”  It didn’t take much time for my call to reach her cell.

There wasn’t much calls made for almost a week, she would just message me asking about the class tests, I would happily respond to them. We managed to be in the same bus every day to the institute and back home .  We had a group of 5 which consisted of me , Sneha, Anish, Rupa and Motta , that was his nick name, he was so huge , his original name is Akash.

Towards the end of 3 months course we five decided to go out for lunch, We went to ‘The Orchid” near Ashram Road,   We all ordered for the same, had to wait for 45 minutes for the lunch to arrive,   Our results were out, we five had our scores in 80’s , which was a coincidence , Motta hated his scores, He said, “I got 90+ in my models , and I couldn’t make it in the board exams.”

Anish spoke,  “Salle , Motte , 89 utna kum nahi 90 sein.”

We started laughing over the Anish’s comment. Sneha looked at me , I looked at her.  Rupa interrupted, “Do you guys have something to say each other.”

We kept silent, the lunch was good , Motta had to pay the bill, since he got the highest among us.

Sneha called me in the evening , I took her call, she said, “I will message you” and hung up the call. A few seconds later, I received her text.

“You never noticed me on the first day, but I did”

Rendezvous Sports Group

March 21, 2010

There is a old saying that , “Even if you visit Moon you will see a Malayalee aka Mallu “.. .Now the saying can be underlined after the Mysterious Rendezvous Sports Group winning the bid for Kochi’s IPL Team.

Twitter has been searching for the people behind the group, One name that is eminent in the news is Shailendra Gaikwad who is probably the owner of the group but the question is, “From where did the group suddenly arise from?.”

Hopefully it should be answered swiftly since people are going crazy over internet to find the source of the firm,  IPL team for a state like Kerala was only a dream considering the base price of the bid, but Rendezvous Sports got it for 1533 crores as if it was buying a piece of cake !!!

I hope they had done good maths to earn profit after investing almost the cost to build a brand new Smart City!!!

Anyways I am happy that I could finally walk and witness IPL match next year ..:D …..My Hearty Congratulations to Rendezvous Sports and Shailendra Gaikwad and the people behind the veil for bidding and winning a team for my city!!!

People behind the veil are as follows !!!

Rendezvous group has Vivek Venugopal, Anchor switches, Rosy Blue Diamond, Mukesh Patel, Ravi and Sanjay Gaikwad as part of the consortium.:- Tweet from LalitModi !!!

Karthik Calling Karthik

March 3, 2010

Today , I happened to go for this movie, I never expected the movie to be as nice as it is.

If you are searching whether you should go or not , I would say ,”Go, Don’t miss it “. It’s a must watch movie . …Why?

Because , It’s not the normal typical Bollywood movie , where you have the hero bashing the Villains , dancing with the Heroin all the time, but it’s a movie that will make you experience the movie’s essence in real, yeah it is , I was freaked in the theatre , how could I possibly miss it, sometimes people make really good films . Go and experience it !!!

If you are a Kochite , don’t be surprised to see Cochin in the film. It seems like bollywood is liking God’s Own Country.

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