Rendezvous Sports Group

There is a old saying that , “Even if you visit Moon you will see a Malayalee aka Mallu “.. .Now the saying can be underlined after the Mysterious Rendezvous Sports Group winning the bid for Kochi’s IPL Team.

Twitter has been searching for the people behind the group, One name that is eminent in the news is Shailendra Gaikwad who is probably the owner of the group but the question is, “From where did the group suddenly arise from?.”

Hopefully it should be answered swiftly since people are going crazy over internet to find the source of the firm,  IPL team for a state like Kerala was only a dream considering the base price of the bid, but Rendezvous Sports got it for 1533 crores as if it was buying a piece of cake !!!

I hope they had done good maths to earn profit after investing almost the cost to build a brand new Smart City!!!

Anyways I am happy that I could finally walk and witness IPL match next year ..:D …..My Hearty Congratulations to Rendezvous Sports and Shailendra Gaikwad and the people behind the veil for bidding and winning a team for my city!!!

People behind the veil are as follows !!!

Rendezvous group has Vivek Venugopal, Anchor switches, Rosy Blue Diamond, Mukesh Patel, Ravi and Sanjay Gaikwad as part of the consortium.:- Tweet from LalitModi !!!

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