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The [Un]Official Holiday

April 29, 2010

To the Politicians and the People of India !!! Please READ !!!

There was time when Mahatma Gandhi, father of my beloved nation used to strike for the freedom for the country. Now the idiots[ C#IM ] strikes against the freedom of the country.

On Tuesday, 27th April 2010, The communist party of India called for a nation wide strike.

Lives were normal in almost all states across India, but not in Kerala, since it is ruled by none other the organising party , The Idiot ‘beeped  up’ Government didn’t even allow the Road transport to drive the government buses.  Train’s were halted for more than 3 to 4 hours since the Idiots of the Idiots,  the party activist, were blocking the trains in the station and where ever they felt to.

I have heard that , The High Court of Kerala has banned “Bandh” in India, but when it banned  , the Judiciary forgot to ban “Hartaal” which is a clone of it.

The Government unofficially declared a holiday for it’s servants.  There was at least a loss of 200 crores for the Economy in Kerala.

I have a simple question for these Idiots[ I would like to address them in the worst foul language possible, but I am not, at least not publicly] .

Idiots, Did you achieve your motive of bringing the prices of the commodities down ? Did you ? Then why the hell did you make the lives of  your citizens so miserable.

If you are running a Government , which is elected by the Idiots[People,We], you should care us and not harm.

At least for the next “Hartaal” which is probably due soon in Kerala , considering it’s frequent occurrence. You should do the following :-

You should call a meeting of Bus , Auto & Taxi Association and ask them to run their Buses and taxi’s and not to be scared any more. In case of any damages arriving out of “Hartaal”. You should take care of all the damages.

You should provide protection by the state police and if required you should seek the help of Centre forces.

If the “Hartaal Activist” blocks the train, Start the Train , don’t wait !!!

Take all the measures to make People win over hartaal other than the Parties who thinks they win by organising the “Devil’s Day”



I know you idiot Politicians don’t give a damn about these things.  I hope that  you will try, At least …… Idiots Will you ?

Yours Sincerely.

The Biggest Idiot !!!

Feels so good after writing this , wonder if any one  in Kerala Politics listen to the vows of Devil’s own People !!!

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