Back to Studies

Yeah u heard right , I am finally back to studies , it was a “Blink” …changed my career plans just like that …it was so quick ..God knows if it’s right …but I certainly think it’s gonna be okay if not right …

Confused? …not if you are one of my close friends ..they certainly know what I am up to …

Spend 600 $  for MBA entrance coaching and after two years …I finally realized that one lazy guy like me can never make it to the best business schools ….late realization 😛

So what do i do ….Ask people what to do next …and the result ..millions of options and I say ..hmm no…finally an ad in Malayala Manorma ICWAI in 2 years including SAP ..

I thought myself ..not bad …dad showed me the ad again ..I said ..”Dad I saw it” …the next hour ..I walk into their office …they tell me about the processes of pursuing ICWAI….

14 papers …3 extra for CIMA ….if I get this 17 done  plus three years of practical experience ..that’s kinda a PGDM from IIM A ..u know ..without getting those high percentiles…which I am certainly sure I ain’t gonna get considering Arithmophobia ….and more over ….a Professional Degree

So yeah …class begins tomorrow …9 to 4….gonna meet some new people …who knows ..may be even someone … .Wishes are always welcome ….you need not comment …spoken words are just enough !!

See you tomorrow …with some news of my first day at studies !!

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One Response to “Back to Studies”

  1. gopika Says:

    good decision go ahead all de very best

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