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Writer’s Block !

December 22, 2010

Yes, I do not know what it is , I wanna write a lot, but some thing is stopping me ,I am seriously angry over it too, it was then I was ‘Googling’ , what the problem could be , and as always , wikipedia comes to my help.  It’s known as Writer’s Block,  but then it should be  for writers not once in a while blogger !

I am not professional, nor I am someone who comes up with fiction all the time, I just wanna write about myself, the things I see, but I cannot.  I wanna keep my blog updated , it’s been ignored for past few months, writer’s block or not , I wanna write, I am supposed to start a new blog  [will get paid too:)] , but I am still not sure, I am not liking this one bit …:(

Any possible solutions ? I am waiting !

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