Piravom Review!

One of the best thing when it comes to politics is, the political leaders make you laugh at them like anything. It was quite obvious when elections where announced that UDF will win with good majority owing to 19,000 new voters of which 9000 were youngsters and the way the government functioned.

The CPIM leaders Panarayi S V Chuddan before the political battle began already announced that the results will reflect how the government works. The challenge was taken up by the CM of Kerala and he also stated that if they win LDF should stick to their stand.

LDF did what they are good at,  going back from what they challenged after the 12k loss to UDF. It’s so funny that they still believe that the public will buy any shit they say inspite of citizens having different perspectives from different channel and even when CPIM backed channels telling the truth that UDF won because of the new Government’s work.

I hope Panarayi realizes soon that people have better senses in today’s world or else what happened in Bengal might just happen in Kerala in the next Legislative elections!

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