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April 25, 2012

The whistle of the train woke me up, a dog passed by smelling at the corners looking for food. I haven’t had food for almost two days now.

Today’s world has little mercy for the poor than to yesterdays. Decades ago, people happily gave a rupee to me when I opened my palms. Things have changed drastically, people turn their faces when they see me and children fear me.  If only as a kid I was taught to read and write. I wouldn’t have seen this day.

Here comes a train, hopefully the passengers would be kind enough to give me something. Where are these people running? Few have time to look at me. Has the time started to run faster today? Isn’t a minute yesterday the same today?  Look at him, he is running with a huge bag, Look at the woman with a phone on her one hand and kid on the other, Wouldn’t they fall? Why are they in so hurry? Here goes the train again.

I see a kid, is he coming to me? It looks like it; no he is going to the vendor. What is he doing? Oh, he is buying a pack of biscuits, no two packets! There he goes back, wait, why is he turning back?

Thank God, there is hope!

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