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L.I.F.E Updates!

June 25, 2012

I always love to write about myself, but a few years back I was forced to stop, like a censorship to my own blog. I am back, this is it, hell with censorship. Hell with notions. I am gonna write what I feel like.

So guys, here’s a small update since my college days, I screwed up my studies, didn’t not take up an great opportunity that was in arms distance 2 years back, to exactly quote the date. It was on December 13th 2009. I guess not taking up the opportunity changed my life entirely. But as my friend Vinod says, things happen, you don’t plan for it. He is right, that’s what’s happening with me for the past three years.

I am gonna break down L.I.F.E into Love, Interests, Friends and Education 😀 , some one give me copy right for that 😀

Love, which I thought would never happen in my life, did happen,  seems like it’s not gonna work, but I am cool about it  😉

Interests, I guess I am back to writing, I love leading a team , now I am the Regional Coordinator of MGJSM Kochi Region which has 116 members !

Friends,This is something really awesome, I hang out with my close friends almost every week, friends text me these days(not forward messages). I talk to a lot of them on facebook too.

Education,Oh well, as I said earlier, it’s screwed, I am doing CMA Intermediate for the past two years,  this December I am gonna fix it for sure!

That’s it guys, I am Back! Waiting for the 5000th visitor on my blog! 🙂

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