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Glimpses of a new L.I.F.E!

July 24, 2012

L.I.F.E at times takes unexpected turns, this time I am positive it’s for good! I have this new interest in studies, thanks to the decision I made to join an institute which coaches CMA Intermediate exclusively. The classes are extremely good. Time just runs away when we are at class , an irony for any student.

I now manage to read at least a book a week, last week I finished Noah’s Ark, it was truly a page turner. Now reading Mother India which again is a page turner .

MGJSM keeps me engaged in socially relevant activities. Recently I bought Vinod’s camera; since then I have tried experimenting with it, a few of those photos have fetched likes and comments on facebook.

I saw Dark Knight Rises twice already, I have been watching almost two movies a week! Work is going just fine. To conclude, the last month had been the best since 2009! and I am guessing the next six months to be even better.




Kochi Metro clears the final hurdle!

July 3, 2012

I still remember during my school days when we got a week off on the occasion of Global Investors Meet, it was when a mass rapid transport system was first mooted for Kochi by the present minister Sri. Ganesh Kumar.

Eight years later Kochites have their dream come true as the Union cabinet cleared the project. The dream will require another three years for reality but given the wait by Kochites for almost a decade, three years is worth waiting till the first whistle of the metro train.

It was in 2004, state government allocated 75 lakhs for the project report.  The project was then was around Rs 2400 crores , today it stands at Rs 5181 crores.

The preliminary work is on full flow and most of the works are expected to finish before deadline giving a new hope for the entire state of Kerala which is famous for delayed infrastructure development projects . A freaking flyover which makes no sense in Aluva took 6 years to complete.

The day when the first Metro runs, I will be in it for sure!

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