Glimpses of a new L.I.F.E!

L.I.F.E at times takes unexpected turns, this time I am positive it’s for good! I have this new interest in studies, thanks to the decision I made to join an institute which coaches CMA Intermediate exclusively. The classes are extremely good. Time just runs away when we are at class , an irony for any student.

I now manage to read at least a book a week, last week I finished Noah’s Ark, it was truly a page turner. Now reading Mother India which again is a page turner .

MGJSM keeps me engaged in socially relevant activities. Recently I bought Vinod’s camera; since then I have tried experimenting with it, a few of those photos have fetched likes and comments on facebook.

I saw Dark Knight Rises twice already, I have been watching almost two movies a week! Work is going just fine. To conclude, the last month had been the best since 2009! and I am guessing the next six months to be even better.




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