The Right Path

I was lost in woods unable to find my destination; I decided to walk towards the rising sun. I can hear all sorts of sounds, birds chirping, frogs squeaking and sounds I couldn’t recognize. I could see birds flying from their nest, probably to find food for them and for their offspring.

I started losing faith in the direction I am walking; I take a turn where I meet a figure taller than me, I could barely see his face, his head was covered with hood made of animal skin. I ask him for the way, he tells me to head straight. I keep walking only to find more miles ahead of me. I saw a woman slowly approaching an animal. I call her out, she curses me for letting her kill go. I explain about my situation. She laughs at me for taking the wrong road and asks me to take her path.

It takes me deep into the woods; I hear roars and frightening noises. I start running only to fall in a ditch. I couldn’t remember for how long was I in the ditch. A man rises me up from the ditch. He asks me to go back if I fear for my life. I acknowledge his advice. I find an open ground. I was feeling very thirsty by then. Luckily I find a pond and the moon in it.

As soon as I bent down to drink water, I saw a scary face, I fall back, I go again to the pond, the figure now opening its mouth. He starts questioning me, “Why take the road travelled by others, find yours”.

I hear someone call my name; I open my eyes only to realize all was a dream. I recall my dream in order to find who the person in the pond was and I could see him clearly.

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2 Responses to “The Right Path”

  1. Rukma George Says:

    Hey, is a good bit for all our members…:)

  2. The Face in the Pond « Ente Mind Says:

    […] – Written by me! Edited by Casey Nestor Fernandez To read the previous version visit : The Right Path  […]

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