Human Metro :-P

At least, it wasn’t Hartaal, LDF decided to organize human chain in order to protest against state government indecision( True, True!)  in handing over metro work to DMRC and E Sreedharan,  the protest saw a huge turn out and the “Human Metro” was a huge success as the participants held their hands from Aluva to Pettah symbolizing the first and the last metro station.

For the past few months, state government has kept on saying DMRC DMRC DMRC Sreedharan Sreedharan Sreedharan yet no agreement has been made between KMRL and DMRC till date. KMRL direct board met twice but never took the final decision to award the contract to DMRC sighting different reasons such as :

1)–> A consultant agency can’t be the implementing agency of the Metro as per central vigilance norms , (True True, in common words,  you must be a fool to award contract to an agency which prepared the Detailed Project Report (DPR) which also states the money required, remember DMRC said it would cost 5181 crores and then awarding the contract to the same company which did the costing ? Chances of corruption would be just WOW! …..but KMRL did forget that the initial work for metro was awarded to DMRC inspite of them doing the costing or preparing project report worth 158 crore !The North ROB and new flyover at Salim Rajan.

2) —JICA , a Japan Bank would deny loan (almost 50% of the total cost) without global tender (Remember 2G spectrum was awarded to telecom companies on First Come basis without calling for auction and how Supreme Court and opposition parties  criticized the government. Now everyone wants DMRC to do the project without any global tenders!

3)–If DMRC does the project, how will KMRL employees learn to do future metro projects ( That’s actually a good reason, we do want our young engineers to take such huge projects, so that our country have more Metro Men   )

Suddenly, all these KMRL directors chosen by Central and State Government met in Kochi to finalize god knows what and they say, DMRC’s board has to decide to take up any projects outside Delhi , so we have to wait.  Everyone including Mr. Sreedharan is stunned, so the director of KMRL also the chairman of DMRC comes out in public and says, “DMRC took this decision two days before the director board of KMRL met, so now KMRL can only wait”. (They didn’t site this time the above reasons at all)….. If only we signed up with DMRC a week before….Sigh…!

Chief Minister calls Sreedharan for meeting, after the meeting CM repeats the same old slogan, DMRC DMRC DMRC , Sreedharan Sreedharan Sreedharan.  LDF from nowhere calls for a Human Metro!  and as always Metro is everywhere on the road, in papers , high end debates on TV, including CM of Delhi saying, ” We have no problem in DMRC doing any business out of Delhi” and then a few days later, Union Urban Development Ministry says, “Limited role for DMRC in Kochi Metro

To see Metro on track would definitely take a decade, i.e if it’s DMRC (They have good record, they would even complete it before time) , if it’s Global Tender.  …hopefully our grand children will get to travel …

In midst of all these things, Kochi Corporation has come up with :- a web site which works occasionally!

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  1. absolute void Says:

    good evaluation. hopes to write on this subject.

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