I can’t believe it’s already 12-12-12. I have been waiting for this day, not just because of the date but also because Kochi is hosting India’s first Beinnale. To be frank, I really didn’t have any idea of it till last month, All I now know is , it is do with art, sculptures, creations of artists from different countries and it happens every two years.

Biennale-3I just happen to hear CLUB FM radio where they interviewed Fort Kochi citizens asking about Biennale, 90% of them didn’t have any clue. I think that’s the best thing to happen to Biennale. People will now flood to Fort Kochi and Muziris to just check out what it is.

The experience of getting to know Biennale through one’s eye will make one’s heart fill with joy than hearing or reading it elsewhere. The photos in various newspapers has already captured everyone’s heart. It is surely going to be a visual treat.  I would be going for the inauguration today inspite of exam tomorrow!  Why miss the inauguration which only happens once in your lifetime and while exams happens every six months…..

Here’s a Biennale song I saw on youtube.

The hype is on, and surely Biennale will open a new world for Keralites and especially Kochites.

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