England Win Series! Hope I win Exams!

After 28 long years, England has won a Test Series in India. The series which lasted 6 weeks ended today; so did my exams which I have been writing for a long time. Hopefully like England ended their 28 year losing record, I hope to end mine too. Only that I have to wait till Feb 20th for the results! That’s a pretty long test for me now.

EXAM+OVERFor the first time after writing CMA aka CWA exams, I feel satisfied, thanks to Sijo Sir who made direct and indirect taxes simple and now I am in love with tax. Yes, in love with TAX! What next is the big question in front of me. I can start hunting for jobs or wait till the results come. Waiting is boring affair, hence I might just start attending interviews from next year onward or when an opportunity comes by. Another question I have in front of me is, what type of organization should I join. The alternatives are plenty, viz a finance BPO which I believe I can easily get in , an accountant job in any private organization, or a factory somewhere close to Kochi where I can start learning practical aspects of costing.

For now, I am going to enjoy the little break I have. Riaz has come down from Doha, so we are going to chill a bit. We will be  shifting our house and going back to our own home before Christmas. I have been receiving a few complaints that I am not writing much as I promised in L.I.F.E, so this post is dedicated for them! Hoping to write more in the coming days!

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