Annayum Rasulum! Escape

Spoiler Alert!

Annayum Rasoolum36711That’s what I felt at the end of the movie, I just wanted to get out of Shenoys and breathe some fresh air. God knows what the script writer intended to convey in the first 20 minutes of the movie. People in the theater was praying for a break; which came an hour and half later.

Story , what story , it’s like life’s of 4-5 people shot and pasted in the film. The one who edited the movie probably has never seen a movie in his life.  The movie is so drab that you lose track on the no. of lose ends the movie has. Ashiq Abu has probably done is role okay, but his character was unnecessary, a poor soul waiting years to get police clearance for his passport and eventually never gets cleared.

If you are going to watch the movie, you are doing a great favor to the producer! Oh and by the way the hero and heroin falls in love without uttering a single word.

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