Travel in Kochi Metro by 2017

That’s not a tag line by Kochi Metro or DMRC, but at the pace they are working, looks like it’s gonna be true. I was pessimist about Kochi Metro ever getting on track, but when I saw the tenders on DMRC website  for construction of via ducts from Aluva to International Stadium, I am convinced that Kochites will be travelling in metro.  They have also kept a deadline of two years  for the completion of via ducts and stations along the route. DMRC has also started pulling down the centre portion of North ROB which they say the construction will be completed by November 2013.KM

DMRC has mentioned a few conditions for the completion of work in time, one of them being acquisition of land in a time bound manner. There is no major land acquisition required on the route the tenders have been floated and then again cash has already been handed over to majority of owners in the Banerjee road and MG Road stretch. With all parties wanting the Metro to come to Kochi, we can believe that no red tapism would hamper any paper works in the government office.

With everything in favor of Kochi metro, we will have a new form of transportation by 2017.

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